How-to: join a group in Monster Hunter Tri‏

1. Login to your character and select City[right] instead of Village[left/single player]

2. Select a server
- you can choose between All/Rookie[ranks below 30]/and higher up - you won't be able to join 100/100 servers.. b/c its full

- you may not be able to join 95+/100 servers.. b/c the time in which you click on it, it may be full too

Select a City Gate

- don't join a server that is less than 20/100 b/c there will be less opportunities to group

3. Select a City

- you can choose the type of gamer you want to play with (which is great): ie. Hunt a monster or Lets Quest together

- once again, 4/4 games mean that game is full

- lookout for cities with numbers in brackets ie. 3/4 (3).. which means there are 3 people in that game and they're all in the prepping area and not out questing

Now anyone can figure that out through sheer luck or trial and error.. the key is when you join a game, how to join the group

4. Go to this message board

- the person that signs up for the quest will be able to select how many players he/she wants to join and set a password if necessary- select it and join
- when everyone is ready, go to the top left and get ready to depart
- only once the party leader is ready to go will the party be teleported to the quest area

If you don't do this you'll find yourself alone and doing quests that normally require 3-4 players.

A) as far as I can see, there is no simple hunting in multiplayer unless you pick a gathering quest which kind of is like hunting mode.
B) if you abandon a quest, anything you picked up throughout the quest duration will be lost
C) to change weapons/armor, go to the Workshop (right side of the city) and access the blue chest from there; the blue chest near the staging area/Tavern will not allow changing of gear, only access to normal storage

Have fun!

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