Mechs coming to a battlefield near you

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So my friend Hunter has his educated response to yesterday's question on whether mechs are a viable military weapon in today's world:

The short answer is say no. They are, no matter how much tech is in it, a big target that can be hit with most weapons. You cant put a 40 foot machine under a radar, or hide it. Jobs done by mechs can be easily done by attack helicopters like the Apache Longbow. Although it could be used as a weapon on intimidation one airstrike or large salvo of rockets from a helicopter could put it down.

However, lets say this idea is feasible and the Govt. puts money behind it. What you would see is a one man highly mobile mech that stand probably no taller than 10 to 15 feet. If it was any taller it would be to incorporate weapon systems and or abilities, but this would make it much more easy to find and defeat.

It would be armored with high tech plastic, ceramic, metal, and or nano fiber armor for decent protection and highly reduced weight. It would incorporate a series of computers for all systems that would be almost as complex as your typical fighter aircraft but would be simplified so that the pilot can concentrate on the mission and not a huge panel of buttons dials and gauges.

The weapon systems would be role specific just like most military vehicles of today you would have mechs designed to for scouting with machine guns and grenade launchers this would be a infantry killer version also. A medium vehicle with 20mm heavy cannon or rotary cannon and a missile system for tanks and other armor this would fill a support role engaging harder targets like bunkers, buildings, armored vehicles this version may also incorporate a anti aircraft system. The heaviest would be a mech that incorporated a missile system like a hellfire missile rack(s) and a high velocity cannon. Mostly for long range support and taking out the heaviest of tanks.

The key to these vehicles is mobility just like another vehicle today but the difference is the abilities to maneuver like a person amplified by 100 times. In addition to carrying enough firepower and ammo to make it equally effective as a squad or platoon of standard infantry.

Generally speaking the Mechwarrior design is flawed for a number of reasons. The armor on a mech diagram is very thin. Thickness is not everything but it is important. The next reason would be weight. A modern battletank weight about 60 tons. Battlemechs are larger but lighter. Obviously this is another flaw.

One may be able to solve this problem is you remember that the world of Battletech takes place in the 31st century. As such the whole premise behind a Mech is that the exotic materials used where are at least 10 times lighter and stronger then current materials. Also, the Mechs ability to move like a person and pack some very serious weapons is what made it a viable platform. In the 31st century tanks/helos/fighters etc where still made from common materials due to cost but Mechs,aerospace fighters and dropships were the made from the exotic materials. These materials might make a Battlemech viable.

Good job bud, you couldn't have said it better =)

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