DRM alternative


With all the hubub with DRM with Ubisoft (damn you!) and the inconveniences the company has make possible to protect their game, we have Bethesda who teamed up with Steam for a better system.

Click on it, or go here at Penny Arcade!
And it sounds like a MUCH better alternative.

Benefit for Betheseda:
- less piracy
- Steam will provide a format for easy future dlc

Benefit for Steam:
- acceptance of newcomers resulting in possible new purchases on platform
- ease of use of current users

I was highly skeptical when I first read I'd need to install Steam as I don't like to download games/files online as my household shares a line with 5 other computers.. and 'someone' likes to download full books... rawr.. so my connection is rather slow. I do like the part how it's only needed for initial installation and if you don't have a dvd drive (i didn't for the longest time) or lost the cd, you can install it from Steam. Great idea.

See Ubisoft, that is the way to go. I wonder if Steam has public stocks, i would buy it. My friend Pat just told me though that EA and Blizzard (via Battle.net) both are developing their own version/type of Steam.


  1. That's me! :D

    And yes, I agree with you on the topic of using Steam in this way. :)

  2. Well battle.net IS steam for Blizzard. EA developing one makes sense, they are one of the largest and most successful developers/publishers.

    What I dread is a future where I have to have 15 different authentication platforms running jut to be able to play the various games I play. That would suck.

  3. re: Bronte

    Yeah; I really hope the day doesn't come when we have multiple systems that need authentication to be able to play a game, especially if it's offline!