Fable 3 - TOR Vids

I don't want to give away a spoiler.. soo.. watch it first.. (sorry couldn't get the embed code)
Fable 3 Vid

I propose a question:
In this day and age, would a mech be a viable war machine? Or are there current technologies are that better and more efficient?


Now that you've hopefully watched the TOR video; I just wanted to say how I totally cringed when I watched the Jedi fight the Sith, hoping it wouldn't be another vid of the Sith winning. And what a courageous trooper letting an explosive go off point blank to take out the Sith.

In regards to the Fable 3 vid, I wonder whether if you pick to play a woman, whether your opponent/enemy will be a Queen instead.. that would be good.


While looking for a wedding photographer for my best friend Hunter, one of the photographer's blogs had this video..

I can't imagine anyone being able to beat this.. wonder if I can..

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