Change is Challenging

Borderlands 360 Avatar items available on the marketplace.
Its easier to go to the avatar customization screen to find them as they show what they look like instead of the game download screen.

New Borderlands patch out tomorrow. Its free, new content, the baddies/game should scale better for more replayability. Can't wait!


I was thinking about it at work the other day.. when Arenanet says they intend on removing the standard quest options that every mmo employs, will that not remove alot of 'content' from the game? (also be an incredible challenge for them?)

If there is not going to be the traditional quest givers and there is only dynamic events... doesn't that eliminate alot of direction and content that people can experience in Guild Wars 2?

Sure it removes the grind, the text boxes, the journal full of quests and static monsters who respawn in a few minutes. But if they're not there... what else are you supposed to do other than go to the areas that have dynamic events? Will there be alot of wandering monsters then? How will they tell a story? Wandering around provides only so much fun, its nice to have a path to follow.

In my mind, i see a world like Warhammer Online, but every space is filled with public quests. Will there be incentive to stay in a certain area and grind... will there be incentive to go exploring? Will the scout system take away the discovery process, or will it facilitate getting into the action faster?

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  1. keep in mind there are personal quests that provide direction, pushing you out to certain places.

    not to mention there appear to be scouts, npcs that direct you towards events.