Civilizations 5 Higlights - Happy Friday

V is dangerously good.
Another sleepless night tossing and turning b/c I'm thinking and dreaming of playing. One more turn and then i'm done.Till 3 am this time; this is bad.

Everyone is having their review.. so maybe i'll just talk about what sticks out, the good, the ok, the bad:

The new hex format reminds me of Catan (Settlers of Catan).
The removal of stacking units ontop of one spot makes placement crucial but better. I've been playing an archipelego map and there are islands that are so small, its hard to attack b/c only 1 or two units can attack it directly (vs bombardment)

To build units, you sometimes need strategic resources. These resources are not unlimited and usually in small numbers 1-5, meaning you may only get to build 1-5 units that require that resource. Don't think you can get away by trading resources with a civilization and then when the trade is done, you got free units. No. I noticed when the trade agreement dissolved, my Ship of the Line was 50% less effective and my opponents 50% stronger.

I still struggle with concepts of diplomacy such as Cooperation Agreements, Research Treaties (250 gold translates into 1 'free' tech.. but when? 30 days?). I can't tell from leader's cryptic wording whether they're happy, warning me or mad; this makes suggesting defensive pacts hard. Though it was authentic to have these leaders speak in their natural tongue, i would have been happy if they spoke english.

I can actually tell when looking at each city what citizen allocation does, or whether building structure that boosts my gold production at that city by 25% is actually worth it or not. It will clearly outline for you the production of the city: food, production, research, culture, money, etc. Big, bold, easy to find. Happiness is so much easier to manage; i can tell how low it's getting, and buildings affect happiness across the board; no longer is it based on the individual city (too much micromanagement).

The worker unit.. is unfortunately not the best to always automate. Near my capital was a hex that would have 4 production and 2 gold if it had a Mine. The silly worker, when set to automate, would always go there to build a farm instead, when around my capital clearly had many +3 food producing hexes.

Bombardment is a bit tricky sometimes. Sometime you right click on your target and instead of performing a ranged attack, the unit runs up point blank to the enemy. I have to remember more to press 'B' to manually aim and fire. Still trying to figure out the cannon/trebuchet/catapults and how they work; you have to 'set' them first, then maybe next turn you're able to fire.

The game is linked to Steam.. i'm not too sure which it affect this, but in the two LONG sessions i've played, the game has crashed to desktop once each session. Good thing Civ5 has build in autosave, also customizable to be shorter or longer (i'm set to every 5 turns it saves). No disc needed to play... the game does ask me each time what version i want to play; either directX9 or 11.... annoying.

Buying units and buildings is so much easier and makes so much sense now. You can buy anything, at any time, except units if you already have a garrisoned unit, which just requires you to move it out first. So if you have alot of money and settle a new city, you can essentially buy many/all of the buildings to make it grow very fast. There will be policies, wonders, talents that allow you to decrease the purchase amount

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