Who bought from me?

Are there any games currently using this feature?

I want to be able to see which person buys my items from the auction house.

I was reading an article by Spinks that talks about how using consumables is being simplified (1 item for mass use instead of having to have a separate item per person). I've never really used the auction house to a great degree, the last game, DDO I used it frequently and made some good money (but did sell a very powerful item without doing the proper research on the right dollar amt).
If I was to make consumables or even just use the auction house in the future, i'd like to be able to see who is buying it; the reason to that is that if i see a certain person is buying my goods frequently, maybe we can cut out the auction house and just sell directly to them.

Benefits: Develop a relationship with that person in-game or even RL
Guaranteed buyer/seller for both parties
Possible discounts for the buyer
Cut out the wait and fees for using the auction house


  1. If you're online at the time of the sale, Warhammer Online sends you a message of who bought your stuff.

  2. lil late, but, runes of magic will show the last ten sales of a particular item, who sold it, and who bought it. if you get there before 10 other people sell the same thing you're in luck.