Halo Reach Musings

I was cautiously pessimistic when I heard Halo: Reach was coming out this week. Looking like it went back to it's original more futuristic roots than its closer to modern predecesor ODST. I'm not a Halo fanboy.. more like a Halo hater (sorry). I don't like futuristic shooters, thats all. Just like how I didn't like Unreal Tournament, I don't like the Halo series.

I decided it would be best to let my brother buy it, hog the tv and watch him play and listen to the endless stream of complaints and cussing.

I'll give this new iteration of Halo, this:
- better graphics; it looks amazing; there is backgrounds and lots of shiny
- new weapons
- new abilities (running and jetpacks)
- new maps and old 'favorites'
- single player customization of the protagonist (more immersive)
- more customization online

- the guns are nice and quiet, so its ok that he plays next to my room (his cussing is louder)
- i've never seen more people on Xbox Live as this week

I like atleast from what i've seen, that there is no kill streak rewards a la MW2 which unbalance the game. There have been ways players find (naturally) to be cheap:
- I saw in a map (I believe) called Blood Gulch... that normally had lots of vehicles to traverse the long straight map quickly.. had none. Everyone was sniping.. some sniping while using a jetpack and able to score headshots so easily.
There was alot of cussing and dying on my brother's end on that map.

I didn't like also how people have shields. Sure, that means if you're good, you can keep going and going, instead of dying by a stray shot by a noob. But that means to take down that shield, you have to unload a whole clip into someone. Does that mean the emphasis of Halo is to not be a 1man team, but focus fire people? Either way, you either seem to die too easily sometimes, or take forever to kill.

By the way, running should not be a selectable skill but a normal skill. "Oh I don't know how to run"... left foot, right foot..left foot, right foot....

Halo fans.. i don't need to say anything b/c you have it already.
People on the fence... watch someone else play it, or play it at a friends place... its basically the same halo that has been out since the original
Women... play it b/c any girl gamer is hot ;) ESPECIALLY if its halo
Haters... stay away..

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