PvP Equalization

Anyone recall what WoW does for PVP?
They have the battlegrounds in level brackets. So lvl 1-11, 12-21, 22-31.. etc

In Warhammer, there was equalization if you were under leveled.It would raise you to approximated 3/4 of the max lvl for that lvl bracket (so if lvls 1-11, you'd be lvled to 8). Your stats would be boosted to an approximate lvl 8.. if you had greater, then nothing happened. I unfortunately never got a chance to test it out; to see whether if you concentrated on a few key stats, would the system still boost you, if you were max level, or not. And to what extent: is the stat boost equivalent to a lvl 8 with green, blue or purple (yea right) gear?

I read in Guild Wars 2 that your character will automatically be given all the skills (or preset), gear and max level for pvp. I'm not too sure how I feel about that, and hence i'm writing about it to figure it out.

I first off, like that I won't have to worry like in Warhammer that the other team has more healers than me, or my team has no healers,, meaning instant loss/being farmed. THAT is a great idea. That may upset my friend Capo, Stef and my gf as they prefer the healer archetype; I don't mind healing, but don't like having tons of mods and just looking at tons of health bars and cast healing spells. I do like the power you get from it; if people piss you off, you don't heal them and they die. But we're getting off on a tangent.

So max lvl, same gear and preset skills (or all the same pool of skills) versus varying lvls, with all sorts of gear and some people don't have the same skills due to lvl difference or talent allocation differences. Its obviously frustrating when you're doing scenarios in Warhammer and your team is full of low bracket people, while facing off against max lvled opponents and vice versa is a cake walk. So in that respect, it brings balance. BUT, it feels to me that i'd be the faceless number out there competing. I'm not a unique snowflake anymore. I want to be stronger than others, and feel the rush when I actually are able to take down a stronger group/player. As hardcore as ill get when the game comes out, i'm still a normal gamer, and not hardcore, so I actually think this balacing will be good; I don't need to worry about spending tons of time grinding for the best gear, to max level as soon as possible, be at the top end of the bracket to be competitive. All I need to do is figure out my playstyle and how to play that class/profession and as a team/duelist.

The hardcore pvpers may not like this at the beginning, but I think eventually they'll like this too. Its all fun and great to be dominant all the time (who doesn't like winning?). But it'll be much more satisfying to have a level playing field and win and be able to say "we were all the same level, geared and skills, and we still beat you." Essentially: "we can beat you any day of the week." Big epeen. lol

I look forward to the ability to try pvp first and see all the skills each profession has to have a quick trial of the professions before investing all my time into one class and unfortunately find out its not for me.


  1. Actually in WAR the bolster is now to the highest rank in the bracket, i.e. 11, 21, 31, 40.

    It also scales your gear, which makes min-maxing more efficient at the lower levels within the lower tiers.

  2. It's nothing new, it was already like that in GW1 -- Guild Wars is all about skill after all. If you want to show off that you're a hardcore player, craft your prestige armor and make sure you don't lose.