Guild Wars 2 Design Questions

I would love to be part of a mmo developer's creative mechanic's team, as I'd love to figure out the answers/implementation to such questions:

How does the system decide what is an appropriate reward in a contribution-based public/dynamic quest?

I'm going to roll the Norn race in Guild Wars 2; I love vikings/northern type races. More art here.

Is it defined by the actions of the actual dynamic event, or by what they do (dps, heal, CC)?
Granted its a bit easier to streamline this as apparently in gw2 there are no dedicated healers, everyone can heal and everyone can res/restore other people. There still must be a difference/balance made as there will be professions aka classes that are better geared towards dps, while others may focus on support or possibly healing.

Balance is key. I always loved the public quests for Warhammer, but I found the 'vegas' system in how it would draw a random number and combine that with the contribution caused a highest contributors to not get their just rewards, and vice versa. Arenanet should not implement this and have it purely based on contribution, however they discover that formula.

I wonder whether there will be thresholds that determine the gear reward players will get, or will there be hundreds of derivatives of rewards?.. I think I like the latter better; as thresholds may cause people to contribute up to a certain amount, then stop as they know they would be guaranteed a certain reward.

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  1. events always reward gold karma and experience to each person. someone who contributes one or two hits will get nothing, there is a low threshol that people have to surpass before being rewarded.

    now whether that scales to how much work you do in an event compared to someone who joined in at the end I'm not sure, i have a terrible memory for this stuff.

    As for actual physical gear or drops, things do tend to drop from monsters but since you couldn't actually join a group in the demo and I didn't see any bosses drop anything, nor details of any actual loot, i couldn't say.