Guild Wars 2 Idea Implementation

Bag space.

Who did it right?
Not WoW.
The bag space at the beginning was horrible. If you were lucky, you had a high lvl character or high lvl friends who made you huge bags which made it unfair for anyone else. Its good to be helped by others, but I think the advantage is too great in the bag system that Blizzard has.

Can anyone say: a good mule?

Warhammer Online did it right.
Especially right now, depending on your level, Warhammer had about 20 slots every 10 levels. What made the system shine was it gave 20 slots per the three different kinds of items:
- normal
- quest items (how many times do multiple concurrent quests cause your bag to fill up?)
- trade skills/ingredients (add the quest items and you got nuttin)
- even emblem/signet area

If you were max lvl, and somehow ran out of room, you were doing it wrong, or playing too long without a rest!

Its the 'problem' encountered in most F2P games, which is easily rectified by buying additional bag space. I can't remember the many times I had to think hard which item to drop from my teenie backpack in either Allods Online or DDO.

From all the vids on GW2, I haven't seen any inventory management, and I can't remember how the original worked it, but I hope bag space isn't too much a worry in it's next iteration.

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  1. There have been some videos, i remember a comment from some random gamescom video post i did where the commenter counted the bag spaces or something. It seemed like a fair amount, but thats all i remember.