Captain Scarlet and her disappointing DLC

You know.. it seems to be common courtesy to alert your readers that there will be spoilers up ahead. While I don't think there is any real spoilers below, you've been warned.

I wish.. I took a picture for you guys..
I 'found' the time to complete the aforementioned Borderlands 2 dlc (so I can have a more informed opinion) and should have taken a picture of the 'treasure horde' which you get at the end of the game.

Wonder.. if its somewhere on the internet.. maybe.
Like the Hulking Gunzerker?
 Anyways, when you complete it, you enter a room similar to the Original Borderland's treasure room which has significantly less chests, but its not like you have that much backpack space anyways to take everything with you, nor a handy vending machine to junk the rest.

Essentially, it comes with about 5/6 super chests that have up to 4 rare (blue) or better items in it. I had my 5% magic find relic on which got me 3 pink rarity(E-tech) items. I unfortunately didn't get any legendary weapons.. although I got an insanely powerful lvl 30 shotgun from the end boss of the normal campaign.

As it has been said before, the DLC seems a bit short; gather a few items with brief skirmishes with lots of (annoying) running around. You are rewarded with many interesting blue weapons including a cursed grenade that has boomerang child grenades (I obviously don't use it for that reason). From what I read though on previous reviews of the DLC, I expected some crazy interesting weapons.. like weapons with different elemental properties or different effects.. but I didn't see anything different than we've seen so many times.

Once you defeat the end boss (Release the Kraken!!! I mean.. Leviathan) and loot the treasure room, you are given the quest to defeat a lvl 50 monster.. which I doubt i'll ever get to (with 3 other alts). You also get a quest to defeat the end boss again with the possibility to get to the treasure room again. The question I have to find out, is whether this is repeatable unlimited times or just a second time.
He's actually pretty short...

So other than a few unique rare items that every character who does the quest will receive, there wasn't really any interesting rewards in the DLC. It was a nice getaway from dusty badlands and sterile cities with a 'few' areas that were more lush, including a grotto. I still couldn't forgive the amount of travelling that was entailed in this DLC; everything could have fit into one map the size of the Highlands from the original campaign. The game kept alluding to the fact that although you were helping Captain Scarlett, that she will backstab you at the end. And even when it happened, it was a 'ho-hum' moment and when you defeated her, you barely noticed.. it wasn't memorable at all.

In conclusion, if you like fat lewt.. then as long as defeating and farming the last boss is possible (& getting to the treasure room), then this DLC is worth it, otherwise I wouldn't consider this worth 10$ unfortunately.

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