Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores Vantage Point

So there hasn't been as much talk about the Lost Shores live event for Guild Wars 2 as I expected (shame on some people lol). ... the best way to describe it is... Rift with better rewards, IF and ONLY IF you have the patience of an addicted mmo player... which I do apparently. I didn't play the original Halloween live event, so I have nothing to base it on, other than previous games I've played. And this one reeked of Rift. Now granted, Rift was very good in many ways (although I can't really recall why), but the main feature of the game, "rifting" was not my cup o' tea. It was one massive zerg, going from objective to objective, spamming the same ability and eventually ganging up on one massive boss. No skill.. just mob mentality.

I kind of thought it would be different for Guild Wars 2's live event... how naive I was. The Sunday event was one pure zerg spending approximately 5 minutes beating up on one massive creature at a time, with a million hitpoints, over and over and over. And OVER. What felt like 2 hours of my life that I will never get back, we did this. This would be acceptable if we were gaining gold, karma, or some form of loot while we did this, but we absolutely got nothing from these champs/veterans. 

See here is where i'd put some really fantastic screenshots of my fabulous loot to make me feel MUCH MUCH MUCH better about spending 2 hours of watching my character auto-attack... but for some reason, the game won't do that. I had individual screens for each item for above, but each screen was empty.. unfortunate. Basically, as you see there:
1 lvl 39 Legendary heavy armor shoulder piece (lvl 39) for my lvl 15 medium wearing engineer.. 
1 lvl 62 L spear .. which the engineer also can't use
1 lvl 62 L shortbow.. surprise, can't use that
1 lvl 62 heavy chestpiece
1 box that contained a lvl 80 accessory and a 20slot bag without requirements

I really kind of wished that ArenaNet would make the game realize what class you're playing and give you some more appropriate loot. Its not complaining, just facts; look at this Map Completion reward I received last night for getting 100% for the Sylvari starting zone.

1 Staff.. which an Engineer can't use
1 Heavy armor shoulder piece
Thank goodness I received that ore.. that was probably the part I was most excited to see.

So all in all... if you actually had a high level character (lvl 27? and quickly rising) for this event, I really hope you had the time to participate, because 5-7 legendary items is pretty cool.. unless your character can't use any of it.. then boourns to that. I would really like to see a live event where you're defending your city/place from wave after wave of enemies. But in a 360 degree direction. By having one main monster/enemy, it just fosters zergs which is absolutely boring; by having enemies coming from all sides on something you need to defend is a much more interesting way to play. 

Since my Engineer is lvl 27+, he's obviously the class that excites me the most and suits my style of gameplay. And as you can see.. a flamethrower rocks monkey-butt!

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