Welcome back to Wakfu

I just received an email from Wakfu (that FF Tactics-like mmo by Square Enix) inviting me to come back and offering 4 days of premium access. It made me scoff right away and deleted it, but then it got me thinking: it must be really great to have such a short premium access, that it'll get me addicted right away. 

While I initially remembered how monotonous the PURE grind (killing the same creatures over and over for easily 10-15 levels) was, I also remembered what made it great: a constantly changing world. A world where if you slaughtered and harvested non-stop and didn't spend the time to repopulate the world, it would just become barren and empty. Any time you came into the world, it will look different. I really enjoyed that aspect of the game; making a real difference.

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