Guild Wars 2: Live Event Rewards or lack thereof

If you visit MTG Realm's blog, you'll notice that there is a Magic Grand Prix (whatever that is) coming to my hometown of Toronto at the beginning of December.

Take a look! This is mostly for my girlfriend's brother-in-law, although I think he would already know about it ;)

The world of... .. .. I don't even know what is the name of the world of Guild Wars 2.. it doesn't come to mind. Its really beautiful as the two screens below show.

Rawr and Stuff
I had the opportunity to try the new Live Event today.. it was a major zergfest with disappointing rewards.. actually I only got an achievement (whoopie.. /sarcasm off) and some dynamic event rewards (karma, xp, whatever)... I hope the lvl 80s or other people find nicer stuff.

I have been able to get full map completion for capital towns (except the Sylvari town) but you only get 3 transmutation stones which allow you to (quite self-intuitively) clone your gear to look the same if you like a certain style.

I was told that if you do a normal zone completion (vs capital city), the rewards are much better. I was very excited when I actually finished the whole starter Charr zone... but wasn't too happy with the rewards (can't please anyone, can you ArenaNet). I received a green (which I think is considered as 'rare') rifle that does more condition duration, 1 heavy piece of armor (for my... medium wearing ..engineer..), 3 transmutation stones, 40 pieces of jute cloth, and some coins.
Word of warning.. at Black Lion chests may not be worth opening as I received:
1 crafting booster
3 mystery tonics that randomly transform you
1 piece of scrap metal (really?)
1 bank access express consumable
If I actually get more keys to open the chests, ill post screenshots and advise what I received. 

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