Some things never change; I can't figure out what class I want to stick with in Guild Wars 2. And they make it hard on you, by having 8 classes (5 races) but only 5 character slots(with the ability to buy more slots). Tricky trick ArenaNet.. I see the invisible hand.

So far I have tried:

The Thief
- really great single target dps
- thin as a paper; you need to have your evades or stealths ready, otherwise you will die frequently
- pretty good ranged skirmishing with the shortbow

The Ranger
- tried to emulate the White Lion class from Warhammer Online (melee pet class).. its ok.. but the way they weapon=skill set works... if I use a greatsword, i'm better taking on more than one creature at a time vs single targets
- very much a ranged dps-geared class (i've done this in nearly every mmo i've played; so i'm bored of it)

The Guardian
- initially was fantastic as I never seemed to lose life
- until I switched from a mace/focus combo to anything else.. which I then saw I wasn't as invincible
- something about not using a shield normally, makes me feel weird using the class
- can have a few short duration pets (floating weapons).. its 'interesting' but not my style

The Mesmer
- initially super fun.. but kinda wish I was a girl, so that I don't feel odd playing a female character (i've only played a female character in the Fallout series for the Black Widow perk to do more damage to male characters).. a male Norn.. just doesn't seem right for a Mesmer
- a pretty paper-thin class as well.. although one combination of weapons provides 2 block moves.. but that means you have 2 less dps skills.. decisions decisions

I'm really looking for a class that can skirmish (end game pvp); one that normally not super far back with the casters, but can do some melee if necessary, but doesn't dish out all his dps via melee. One that isn't just one-sided: they can dps, heal and provide buffs and debuff their allies. HALP! Because at this rate, i'm already late into the game (my friends are working on their 2nd or 3rd lvl 80) and I have a smattering of low teens.

Any suggestions? What class seems to fit that description?

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  1. It's called vit specced necromancer with staff + axe + plague