Late to the Party

I was just thinking that it will be a nice change to play Guild Wars 2 (yes, very late to the party!) because the normal pve world will not have any gankers to worry about. That I can rest easy and just be wary of monsters with high agro-sights.

 While I'd always have to be on high alert when playing Warhammer Online, even if i'm in my own territory.. I wonder if its better than having to deal with the griefing I encountered in Rift. The 'good side' had a habit of taking their max-leveled characters to our lowbie area and killing all the Rift monsters. It was annoying b/c although we had permission to attack them, we obviously couldn't even scratch them at our level. I knew it was really frustrating when that happened, and all you could do is use another character that wasn't in the same zone, or just log off until they left.

I'm hoping I don't find many griefers in Guild Wars 2 and find a great community of players instead.
By the way, what server is everyone playing on (and character name)? I'm trying to get to my cousin's full server, so I can join him and his guild.. but.. it doesn't look like it'll let me any time soon. If being at the bottom of the server list means, the most full.. then i'm SOL.


  1. Some points:

    Server: you will play at the not full servers; my server, Tarnished Coast, is currently full and I know there are more servers that too are full, so you cannot enter these servers. Late to party really.

    Ganking: all 5 races are friendly, if they like it or not (humans and charr problably prefered stay at war with one another), but the elder dragons are a big enemy that everyone need fight together... or be destroyed by them separated. So, no one will come gank you at pvp areas. wvwvw and sPvP instances is other story, but if you teleport to there is because you want pvp.

    max-characters at low level zones: there is automatic downlevel, so a level 80 at at evel 4 zone will have level 4; the downlevel is not completelly effective because toons mantain gear and skill and need some tunning (the place is level 5, but the downlevel goes to level 7), but makes the max-leveled toons are not the massive destruction weapons at low level zones and if that players don't are carefull a bad pull can make them dead.