Guild Wars 2: More Rewards

Hope my American friends and bloggers had a great Thanksgiving; since my work services the US, we were off too, so I spent the majority of the day leveling my new (altoholic) favorite class: The Guardian. Loving the Greatsword - Sword/Torch combo for high dps... its weakness is when i'm against a very strong enemy/boss that has alot of hp, I switched my greatsword for a mace/focus weapon combo to go toe-to-toe.

As you can see; another Map Completion reward. I got 2 greens (1 heavy legs which I couldn't use, and 1 medium foot which I could). A slightly better reward than the last time. I was excited at first at the amount of leather, until I saw they are the unrefined version.. always a catch.

Duhh I wonder where the cultist headquarters is.. Gee I dunno

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