Countdown: ..2..

It feels like a long time, but its only been a few days (since my last entry), but I haven't been playing too much these days on either the pc or the 360. I've been consumed with photography and learning the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom. Here is one photo I took from downtown Toronto.

With the recent lack of games, I bought two games this weekend; one with my gf at EB: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. If you're looking for the dlc, its not there. Apparently they took it off the market due to lack of interest (???) and was a 'limited time offer.' Right. That just sounds like you didn't sell as much DLC as you liked and now you're sulking. Oh well, no extra money for you.

My gf loves Storm.. which doesn't work well with my Gambit. I like to pick up anything and everything and throw it with charged energy at enemies. She will constantly use high velocity winds and break anything I can normally pick up and throw! ;)

I also found a rare gem on the game marketplace on the 360: Age of Booty.

Not that.
But a real time cooperative & competitive PIRATE strategy game.

[Only 400 ms points]
All it needs is ninjas.
The main gist of the game is, use your pirate ship to take control of towns or pillage villages for resources and control X amt of towns or have the most when time expires. All the while, you are competing against other pirates who are trying to get those same resources. You can upgrade your towns or ships with the resources you collect and its a fine line to determine which one is better at which time. Good in-game pics to come.

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