The Devoted Inquirer

I'm back.

Something just clicked; I wanted to re-sub for Warhammer Online.
Possibly from enjoying T1 as a white lion, and noticing I couldn't do much else other than DOMINATE scenarios. It may have been because I wanted to join Ryelynn with my magus, that a favored class of mine was in need. That there were new areas to explore, new tome unlocks to discover and a possibly better conceived end-game to experience. I'm also very excited that my good friend Capo miraculously decided to re-sub as well =)

I came back to a familiar but shiny new place.

The War Report. Rocks. When you log in, you can see whats happening in the world and teleport to that area (once) instead of blindly going to an area of action, or having to ask on region chat where the action is. Note: if a keep is getting attacked, you won't get teleported inside or outside (if you're attacking it) the keep, but at the nearest warcamp.

Ooo Shiny graphic mode. It's pretty. But slows down my computer.

Excited for a new castle seige mechanic. I remember the scene at the gates of Altdorf .. premade warbands, just waiting at the entrance.. and just waiting... and waiting.. and never seeing the light of end-game.

Good heals people. That is all.I missed doing pq's. And coordinated sc's.

I also came back to some disappointingly similar instances as well.

I dislike waiting. We waited at the southern most battlefield objective for 45 min as approximately three warbands waited for the Reikland zone lock.. just to be swept away by a large order wb. Sure I kept busy by cultivating, but gosh it was boring.. couldn't we do some pve/pq's to raise our VP's? And the order wb wasn't even 'that' big. Lack of courage and coordination. Maybe I was in the wrong warband. Maybe if you get beaten so many times, it hurts your psyche and you become resigned to your 'fate.' And maybe its just greed, people are playing for themselves, not for guild, not for realm. Just for the medallions to get better gear.

The question I pose: if you can't play properly, how will better gear help you? Better coordination and strategy should beat the zerg strategy (not necessarily zergs all the time). I want to flank my enemy, instead of just hiding in the keep. I want to have teams striking each zone's keeps to keep the enemy guessing instead having the illusion of staying protected in my zerg. I want tanks using the ram, people operating war machines, dps on posterns and healers are cool, b/c they heal great.

It's called Warhammer Online, not Waiting-Zerg online.


  1. Welcome back :)

    In answer to your question.. people are lazy. Simple as that. For some reason no matter what MMO it is, there are always some people that subscribe to go afk and gain pixels. From WoW's battleground leechers to WAR's mailbox guards.

    Paying not to play. A strange concept indeed, but often a popular one. Odd.

  2. I had a fight with an Alliance member after waiting 30 mins in Eatain waiting for Dessies to lock DW.

    In that 30 mins we could have anoyed the dessies by flanking hitting them while they were sleeping at BO's, it was all ignored.

    The excuse I got was 'We dont like whiping'.

    Whats the difference whiping in a keep and on the battlefield.

    Which anoyed me and I got a bit cheeky and said 'Thats why they added ress skills and the respawn button'. Ofcaurse got a bit of backlash, but we tried it, whiped, got into a keep and farmed desies for an hour.

    I too hate waiting its not why I play WAR!

  3. Sounds like you might want to try jumping through a few guilds to find the right fit....

    There are zerglings, and there people who look for a fight. Those people exist on every server... just find a group you like, that does the things you like to do, in the way you like to do them.