Happy 150th Blog Entry!

I wasn't paying attention, but I've apparently surpassed a set milestone of 100 entries earlier this year, so I figured we can celebrate my 150th instead, cake and kahlua for everyone!
Its interesting at looking back at what i've written. I'm extremely proud of the site and love the blogging community and found that blogging is my passion, with this
first entry quote being the heart of what my blog is about:

//At one employee meeting, there was an anonymous comment that everyone was up in arms about (that they disagreed with). I couldn't stand it.

"Hey guys, first off, I'm not the person that wrote that."
/everyone laughs
"But why not try looking at it as ____________ ?"
/some agree and the tense situation is averted

I've found that my site has grown and developed from a tome unlock help guide to a diaspora of:

off-topic ones, as they are always a fun distraction

guest entries as they are always an honor to show

guest entry

of off topic and guest entries http://justonemoreunlock.blogspot.com/2009/12/mini-gift.html

many entries of the great times with Borderlands

ones which showed dlc and the review of it

many many many indepth game reviews

for a different perspective

my love of anime

Thank you very much gentle readers. I hope you've enjoyed and taken something away with what i've written and here's to another 150+ entries! Cheers!

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