Sieges, Money and Zombies

Action role-playing game Dungeon Siege III hits North American computers, PS3s and Xbox 360s on May 31, according to Square Enix.
As per:

Really looking forward to what Dungeon Siege 3 will bring; previous versions had a good Diablo-like itemization system, a fluid class system (the more you use a weapon, the stronger you became in it), and HUGE parties (8+ a mule).


Fallout: New Vegas expansion Dead Money will be released for PS3 and PC on Feb 22, according to the game's publisher Bethesda. That Xbox exclusivity was temporary. Three more expansions will hit all three platforms simultaneously "in the coming months."
Per Kotaku again:

Good to hear that everyone will be getting the New Vegas expansion as well; even if you have to wait a while. The good thing about a delay in DLC is that you get to hear the reviews of the other (360) and whether it's worth it. Nothing is worse than paying a pretty penny for a bad dlc.


A new zombie game to haunt my 'dreams.' Do you play enough zombie games such as Left 4 Dead that you dream about it? That your gun doesn't work, or theres that Smoker that is just waiting for you to turn the corner? Yeah, i've been there and I don't even play that much (my pc crashes too much) lol

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