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I just checked today and I hit 300 posts.

Yay me ;)


Some random thoughts before I get the help from a good friend to upgrade my video card and ram to be able to be ready to play Rift when it comes out:

An infrastructure i'd implement for Warhammer Online in a daily quest/event system that WoW seems to have which causes people to log in every day and stay subscribed:

-have dailies to complete which gives influence
- basic, advanced, elite and super elite rewards based on just completing a daily
- can have multiple goals but don't need to get every single goal to get super elite reward; possibly rewards (titles/medals) for completing all goals each day for a certain time period
- super elite reward is a big fluff item (mount, bag space, sparkly weapon, something) that would require (around)60-70% of the daillies to be complete
- a basic reward would be a choice of a certain gear rare, advanced - epic, elite - set gear
- as the player completes more dialies, he/she can use currency via pvp/public quests to buy additional pieces

ie. past basic; 5 extra dailies completed, can buy 1 piece from the basic set, past basic; 10 extra dailies completed, another piece buyable

- a bonus to influence is gained for consecutive completed dailies and whether all the goals are completed
- each month, the rewards change

I believe something like THAT would get more people excited and playing.


Even though I'm upgrading my computer, I still currently am on the fence on whether i'll get Rift. I feel like I don't want to miss out on what may be a mmo hit title (so I rely on you to convince me to come over to the dark side), but I feel like my heart is set to play Guild Wars 2 and the time and money invested in Rift would be a bit of a waste. I'm not one much to be paying for two mmo's simultaneously, nor wasting time. I hope its a fantastic game, but I don't know whether it'll be better than GW2; it may be different, but different doesn't mean ill forego GW2 to play it.

I tried the recently released Iris Online, a free to play mmo produced by gPotato, to see what my gf constantly talks about and ignores me for. I feel better playing a free game in that i'm not spending money (on an mmo) while waiting for GW2. I'm not so happy b/c its a f2p mmo and all the negative connotations that comes with that.

Let me explain some of those connotations that follow it:First off; it seems kiddie (graphics-wise) and i've heard that its grindey
Second: pvp from the same pool of players (no distinct sides: ie. good vs evil, alliance vs horde)Third: Cash shop

I think the first and second issues are deal breakers for most people; so I just wanted to get that out there before you read further.

Despite it being f2p, gPotato does implement some good ideas that makes the game enjoyable and hopefully will be implemented in future AAA games:

Map function
- the ability to click on an area of the actual map, and your character will run to that area. One would think an issue with that is pathing; with your character getting stuck, but that hasn't happened so far (though I haven't seen what happens if you get incapacitated by pursuing monsters)

- similar but different than the Warhammer map for quest tracking; the map (vs mini map) only takes up a portion of the screen, allowing the player to select a certain quest and the map will show the area in which to complete the quest instead of a map fully in red with quest range overlapping

- being able to see where vendors/npcs are, coupled with being able to click on there to auto travel there (not to be confused with teleporting) make it easy

- aren't bad and are pretty nice in some cases but does remind me of WoW

- nice, easy and skippable for veteran players

Text Gui
- able to select what kind of chat (say, shout, whisper, party, guild) you want it to be normally as well as the normal /s, /g, /p functions
- the quick ability to respond to a specific whisper by pressing up or down

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