I was able to upgrade my video card and ram, reformat and upgrade my OS to Windows 7.. but not without incident: my Linksys wireless adapter and soundcard wasn't ready for the jump. I was thankfully able to do a direct connection with a ethernet cable and I still have to download the sound card driver, but the internet is much more important.

I'm about to test a few games on Steam... but for now an entry:


Good news or bad news?

I personally have stock in Activision; at the time it was either that or the other juggernaut, EA. I had thought at the time, though EA had their stable sports franchise cash cows.. Activision had great games like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and had linked with Blizzard and we all know Blizzard's games!

I think its good news b/c per the article, the company was losing money on the game and that the company has enough humility to drop it and not keep making future unsuccessful iterations of it.

Its bad news for stockholders b/c the stock dropped a bit from the news and will need to find a new game franchise to recoup it's losses. That, and the legal battle with Infinity Ward has resulted in job restructuring (see: losses) for 500 people. Hope they find a new job soon!

I just got into the show The Big Bang Theory
and when I saw them playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band, I thought, "how old is that game?" I don't know many people that are still playing that game. I think we're in a transitional period right now people; we're not playing games like Rockband anymore, are slowly getting into wireless/controllerless gaming, converting between normal tv to high definition or 3D tv... between normal games.. to mmo/subscription based/cash shop as new forms of cash flows.. Its an interesting time.

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