Aionic Flight

NCsoft always touted flight being a big feature for their game.. and I was always like "meh, its been done in WoW.. how good can it be?" Granted I never had a flying mount in WoW.. flying in Aion is something different.

No cooldown.. limited time to fly.. and gliding..
My first attempt at flying resulted in me running out of flying time and dropping to my death.. lol. Fyi: gliding counts as flying, it just doesn't drain at as fast a rate. One might want to change it so shift+R/shift+F toggles flight.. instead of having to click on the icon or having to press PgUp/PgDn.

One thing; you would think that if you pressed W to go forward to gain momentum, if you pressed S (backwards) that you would pull up and gain altitude... nope..
I saw a trainer that gives more flight time.. i dunno what +100 means... but I do know what 12 Million kinah means (unattainable for a casual player! :P)

Aion does have an asian-ey or Final Fantasy feel.. I kinda like it; its different..

Looks like they spent alot more time designing their buildings compared to some other games.

I figured out how to turn off the user interface (F12)

Pretty sweet view... i want to take out those dinosaurs!

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