More Borderlands

I'm upset.
Very upset..
You go and buy a 360 b/c 'everyone' at work has one and we're all gonna play games. And then people go playing WoW again, stick with only a select few games and/or don't end up getting the games you get.
Borderlands is said game.
Out of maybe 10ish friends/coworkers, only one of them will end up getting it.

Once again; After Halo, before Modern Warfare 2 and Left for Dead 2... lots of competition..

Anyways, more things about Borderlands!!!!

You end up killing alot of Skaggs (alien doggies that have mouths like the one in Blade Trinity/Resident Evil)

Its hard.
When I heard my brother said it was hard, I was nervous b/c he dominates games, especially shooters.
And it is.
Many times, like an mmo, you'll need to grind baddies to gain lvls and better weapons to take on certain parts of the games, especially bosses. These bosses are no pushovers! Its almost unfair sometimes.

But thats where multiplayer comes in.
This game is meant to be played together; as more people enter the game (up to 4 co-op), the stronger/more enemies spawn, but also the better the loot. For example, in single player, you'd open one of the earliest chests and they'd be only 2 guns in it, with 4 people playing there were 4 guns in it. When you die in single player, the boss/enemies go back to full health, but any enemies you killed stay killed. In multiplayer, as long as one person stays alive, you can hold off the baddies till you friends run back from one of many spawn points.

Roland (Soldier-Deploys Turrets), Lilith (Siren - Stealth assassin), Mordecai (Hunter - Hawk Sniper), Brick (Tank - Punching Berzerker)

Talking about dying.. you have shields and shield mods which you can buy at the vendor. Some have higher capacity (more shield strength), some have higher recharge rate, some slowly heals you, some causes explosions of an elemental type when the shield depletes. Health drops off baddies when it can tell people are hurt. And if you manage to lose all your health, you'll go into the death mode found in Gears of War 2, but instead of just hobbling around, you fight on your knees and IF you kill a mob before the timer runs out (20ish seconds) you get what is called second wind and you get back up with about 25% health. Very good. There is no limit that you can get it (but i haven't died that many times consecutively)

As I think about it, its like Left for Dead when you lose all your health.

Matchmaking... lets just say, don't do 'Quick Game.' Sure it may be the fastest to getup and go, but my lvl 8 was put into a game that had a lvl 1, 23 and 40... lol. So I switched to my lvl 25 soldier (turret guy). You can do 'Custom Games' which will show you a list of current games with people, level and quest they're on.

Problem.. laggy. I joined 3 games tonight and the lag was 'bad'. Not unbearable, but not totally playable. It was good that the laggiest (sp?) game I was fighting lvl 4/5s as my lvl 25..

Heh, I found that on www.cosplay.com nice costumes, the one on the left looks the best!

Other interesting things:
- changing controller configuration presets (really hope MW2 has this!!!)
- a game where all skills are useful and will be used by everyone (not just certain ones)
- a character for each play type, but each can basically do pretty good melee still! - system link (less lag!)
- vendor limited-time special products!! (sometimes has legendaries!)
An amazing costume; one more cosplay/anime convention in Toronto this year; Dec 12th I believe at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm not really into post-apocalyptic games but this might worth a try after all.