Aion Compliment Sandwich

Something good.. something good.. something good...

Aion has some very scenic views...

Very pretty, but it also seems a bit static.. but I guess thats what scenery is.. static.. :S

Something bad.. you have smelly dog breath..
So besides the grinding that I agree with previous posters.. there is a freaking huge amount of walking back and forth.. I think I hate that more than grinding. One of the last quests had me going to 5/6 different people. First person, it was fast b/c I had to deliver another quest to, and the second person took about 5 minutes pure running, then I had to recall to the next, then it was a 8min run to the next person, another 5 minute run to the next, back to the second person, and then to the original person! Freaking stupidity..

In Aion (as of right now) there is no sprinting skill nor mounts or anything that increases your speed, it makes everything really far apart. Really annoying.

A look at my templar with chain armor

And then with mostly plate (except legs) armor

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