Mini Ninja Lite-review

Well, I tried modifying the layout of the blog yesterday, and just like the time before, I ended up extremely frustrated. I realize why I changed my major in university from IT to business... I suck at programming! Oh well.. I'll try again later this week.

So I got this game (Mini Ninjas) the other week and only got the chance to try it yesterday.. i've been occupying myself with ODST and Marvel 2 (I demand more unlocks!)
I thought (but really hoped it wasn't) it was gonna be one of those Lego StarWars/Batman/IndianJones clones and it would soon be collecting dust... but I was very surprised it wasn't. Word of note though: its only single player. My gf thought this was a multiplayer game so we could play together.. nope.
The graphics are great and immersive.. there are those invisible walls, but most of them make sense.. like actual cliff walls, castle walls, or very thick bamboo. My brother commented on how the frame rate was very smooth.. its a pretty game.. it'll remind you of a Pixar movie. Which leads me to the thing that endeared me most to this game (besides the unlocks.. lol):

Vignettes of each character; there are like 5 different characters with their own cute backstory which is normally unlocked via saving\meeting them in the actual game. There was one character Futo a big burly ninja that was gonna be relegated to dishwashing b/c he was too big and clumsy to use normal ninja weapons, but the main character thought of a solution: a big @ss hammer. It shows how the main character and Futo become best friends: Futo is sleeping by the fire and the main character pulls his cover over him to keep him warm.... awww <3
Running out of time.. so favorite part so far: having enemies chase me into a small bush and they suddenly can't find you, and you're free to sneak attack them to your heart's content!

Bottom line: its a good game, but i'm quite sure most of my readers aren't into this kind of game, but this game is suprisingly entertaining still (you can be as rambo or as stealthy as you like); its probably a renter though.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I think I will try it after all :)