Poor Warhammer

There are alot less WAR blogs today. Statement.

I think I saw some links of consistent WAR bloggers at Grimnir's.. but its far far less than about 4 months ago.
I guess its natural attrition due to lack of interest in the game, new games and the inability to blog consistently.

I'm very happy for my friend Ryelyn though

She found a nice chaos guild on a combined server where they are very active, friendly (except for some apparently, but you can't avoid that), use vent and frequently do premade sc's, warbands and dungeons.I still crave the whammer battlefield myself and wonder why I stopped.. I think just like before it was my passion to play with my friends in RL.. as fun as it may be to play with other people .. I still derive more pleasure from playing with my friends and being able to talk about it at work (inadvertantly annoying our non-playing coworkers to no ends).

I'm very jealous of my friend Ryelyn. She's got like RR51(**I wrote this a week ago and now she's lvl 55) last night and is using her annihilator set but also has a full darkpromise set as well.. she must look sick (zealot).. kinda like the evil assasin (when are they good? lol) from HellBoy.

Because I kinda got bored with my sorc (40 rr ~36).. I never really got to do the high lvl dungeons nor truly particpate in a daily orvr/premades. I got to pug frequently, get washed away by zergs of order (they would have 4 wbs to our 2) and they were organized while chaos was more greedy and went for objectives instead of keeps and by time we got to the keep, order would be waiting in force.

I won't really talk about what I want to see Mythic do to 'save' warhammer.. granted there is alot less people playing the game than expected, but what mmo really has the numbers that they started off with and more other than wow?

Sure there was end game things that needed improvement, but there were many things I loved about it that you see in new mmos these days:
1. PQs - most fun obviously if done with your friends/guild, worst case scenario other people..- obviously it doesn't work if everyone is in orvr/sc's and its just you *whistles*

I loved the days when we had quite a few close people playing and i'd lead some Sacelleum runs for my friends to have some nice unique gear =)

2. Quest tracker - it tells you the general location of where you're supposed to go, when you click on the map it brings up the quest and it didn't take up the whole screen or stop progess.. there is no decifering of where the quest is or what you have to do, and the quests are fleshed out for those that actually like to read

3. Varied classes and races - each race (now vs launch) has their own archetype (tank, mdps, rdps and hybrid healer) and they each have their own mechanic.. even though the skills may be the same, some tanks will have different abilities even with their class mirror (black orc vs swordmaster) through talents/specialization

4. Living guilds - a reason to have a guild, to run it properly, to be successful; to get rewards, to be better known, for people to see your uber standard, tabards, claimed keeps AND special mounts;
- its not just the extra vault space, but the extras you get from being in the guild, including the very handy recall scroll, to being able to get more rest exp if youre an officer or buying a faster and cooler mount

5. Scenarios diversity - sure the same scenarios did seem to pop more frequently than others (nordenwatch, stonetroll crossing, mourkain temple, serpents passage, tor anroc), but atleast there was a diverse amt per tier.. 3-5 per tier

What were some things that you relished in WAR that other mmos didn't have or incorporated?

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  1. One main thing about WAR that no other MMO has done right for me.


    There's no other game out there that's quite the same. When it comes down to it, all I really want to do is brutalize the pixels representing the player on the other end of the internets. WAR allows the brutality in such fine fashion it shines above all of it's flaws (Even moreso now that they miraculously cleaned up all the lag).

    If I ever left WAR, it would be the killing that brings me back. No doubt in my mind.