Mini Ninjas Second Review

So a week later.. I finished it.

I understand now why the game was getting higher than expected marks in reviews: is actually pretty good. I feel that now that i've played the game fully I can review it with full honesty. By the way with the new FTC decision.. I don't think that would affect me b/c i'm Canadian :P

Different Graphics and artwork
- it feels like you're in a disney/pixar movie which is a good thing and refreshing too
- if you have the chance, stop what you're doing and just look around.. people spent alot of time to create this game.. its rather beautiful

6 different characters with 6 different vignettes and abilities
- do you like using magic to rain destruction on your foes? use Hiro. Do you like to snipe at them from afar, use Shun. Do you like using a spear? Use Shizume.
- you can't use each character all the time; sometimes you can't jump up a ledge without using a bigger character; so if you use a smaller character Tora, you slip down
- each character has a unique special attack which makes sense

Unique ways to down Bosses
- if you don't figure it out yourself, they give you a small hint (ie. "try sneaking behind the boss")
- even though you have to figure it out, its a rather logical solution

Multiple solutions to maps

- i hate linearity (sp?).. MNs lets you take the Rambo approach and just mess everyone up, or you can be totally stealthy, take the side way in, crawl on the ceilings or roofs.. granted its hard to stealth the whole way, its nice to see you don't have to do it the same way each time

Not so Good:
Travelling on water
- i don't like the physics of floating on water.. just in general.. like if you had too much momentum, you'd fly right into the rocks.. or obviously it takes a while to get alot of momentum from the start (tho some characters seem to gain it faster than others)

- for those with weak stomachs, it make make you sick; it has a quick moving camera angle, that doesn't always make sense;
- to regain life, you can knock fruit out of trees or bushes by pressing 'A' rapidly; i would recommend you closing your eyes when you do that as it shakes your screen too

My controller
- it really sucks when you're trying to stand still in the bushes and your controller makes you creep forward b/c its a bit mesed up

Final Thoughts:
So it was a surprise hit with me. The replayability is.. not bad; you'll want to go back and get all the unlocks or try to play a lvl more stealthy (b/c i know we're all gonna just kill kill kill). If you go through doing a completionist way, it'll last you a nice 8-10 hrs (after the second boss I just decided to fly through and demolish anything in my way). Its single player... sooo... yea.. a bit disappointed with that. Vignettes are really cool and rewarding.

I have more achievements and thats all that matters for this unlock addict ;)
It makes me a happy panda

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