Dexterity Save

Someone commented about what new people.. and now I can't find where it was.. sorry..

Anyways.. BORDERLANDS!!!!

Moi. The more you use a weapon, your proficiency increases which gives you boosts (increased accuracy, more damage, faster reload). As the soldier class, my special ability is a deployable turret that automatically fires on nearby enemies and can regen health or give ammo..

It makes me cry.
Is it not like all the reviews who say it's Diablo-esque?
Oh yes... its freaking super addictive like Diablo.. one of the most fun games i've played in ages.
The problem: Its came out after Halo ODST and before Modern Warfare 2.

Inventory screen, if I ain't moving, i'm looking at this screen; you can have up to 4 guns equipped at one time, a shield generator, a grenade mod, class mod (usually boosts your skills)

This game should have come out in August and it would sell so well. Everyone is hungry for a first person shooter; Halo and MW2 isn't out. Everyone would find out how freaking amazing this game was. It would explain how I stayed up till 4 on Friday playing the game ("one more quest.. oh, new gun lets try that.., lets buy some more ammo.. those bandits are shooting at me, i can't hurt their feelings and ignore them") and then forcing myself to stop at 2 last night.

Your skill tree; each lvl after 5, you get 1 skill point and each skill except that big/main one, can have up to 5 points put into it which then unlocks the next tier. All the skills are very useful, some people may use the same load out, but its not like some are stupid.

Its a game you take a sick week for. lol

Quest tracker.. only can have one up at a time.. pretty self explanatory from the screenie.

Sorry, it was really hard to learn, shoot and take pictures at the same time... I couldn't get any firefight pics.. maybe if i set my camera to auto shoot..

One bad thing.. split screen play.. you're shifting your windows like my brother on the right alot. It doesn't fit all in one screen.

A-gazillion guns... they were telling the truth!
I've seen a few games with similar names, I personally didn't check the stats (damage, accuracy, rate of fire, ammo) whether if they were the same.. but those were whites (trash guns) its rare to find the same gun tho. I'm a loot wh0re, so while my brother is killing as a tank (they rock), i'm picking up the ammo, money and trash guns. And then he finds the epic and legendary weapons :P
Yet another game that I know only one person with the game to play online..
more about the game coming soon!

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