Tale of One MMO

So after reading so many good blogs, I finally cracked and decided to buy Fallen Earth. As fate would have it though... they were out of stock (the EB guy kinda laughed at me..).. but they did have Aion.

Does everyone have their review of it already by now? Yes I think so. Some things I noticed about the game:

Body sizes/height.. doesn't make sense

Why in the world do you have really small people and then really huge people? That is the super small body next to me, and the biggest body is nearly 3 heads taller than my guy. What kind of lore is there that has such small and huge people? The small people have the advantage of being able to hide behind people much much easier.. (but really who wants to be so small? its ugly small)

Gathering rocks... or atleast its interesting

A window pops up like you see, and depending on your skill, you slowly succeed or fail at the gathering. If you critically succeed the bar fills up more, and it seems like the higher your gathering skill, the more the bar fills up, and the less the fail bar fills up. I haven't seen a critical fail yet.

The ability to buy skills ahead of time.

Freaking amazing; I hated how I would be missing skills if I was away from town for a long time. Now you buy it ahead of time (if you have the money) and then use the book in your inventory to learn it when you get that lvl. And all your other skills naturally gain in potency automatically when you lvl.

Simple cool things

Its raining.. and my avatar doesn't want to mess his hairdo' so he gets a leaf to cover himself... smart.

Bad bad thing

I was greeted to the game with the normal chat to this... mannn alive. NCsoft has to do something about those goldsellers and spammers.. thats nasssty. It just keeps coming. I hope unlike WAR that they don't save your chatlog on your harddrive (didn't know that? check) I really wish there was a way to turn off all these spammers.. sooo annoying.. I literally put myself on the combat log so i can avoid looking at all this spamming.

It'll make you a sad panda.

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