Bronze chest piece no. 18 and counting..

Enjoying the new crafting in WoW?
No one has really gone into detail from the blog sites that i frequent to let me know how it works.. not 'that' interested though since i'm not playing.

It got me thinking of how crafting isn't normally that useful in mmos that i've played. Its fun and gives different things to do in the game, but they rarely can be used to an effective degree. By time you can make it, you have better and it is worthless; you can't really sell it b/c you need to make the same thing 20 times and hundreds of other people are leveling their skill too which have diluted the sale price. I've developed a small organization chart of how valuable a loot drop should be worth: Most valuable at the top, worthless at the bottom.

Dungeon rare drops
Extreme rare drop open world (0.10-0.25% chance of ever dropping)
Dungeon boss kill/major reward drop
Pvp skill drop (if applicable)
Crafting - dungeon quest normal reward drops - rare drop (1-2% chance) - pvp normal influence gear
Dungeon normal drops, dynamic event influence reward, end of chain quest reward
Quest reward drop

Normal drop

Vendor Trash

With that kind of chart, I think it makes crafting more viable and useful; in my time with WoW (pre 1st expansion), only the end game items (so max skill) would be useful.. everything else by time you had the resources and skill to make it, was way below useable level. The item would be nice for your alt, but is that the reason why you went into crafting?? In Warhammer, the crafting is .... not robust to say the least.. I found cultivation was fun and useful when we were waiting in keeps or objectives.. b/c as well all know there is ALOT of waiting around in Warhammer. How to implement the system above? I dunno. Goodluck developers!

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