Shield Mechanics

I want to see an mmo where the use of equipment will dictate how the battle works.

For example, the shield; all we do these days in mmo's is look at whether it has the greatest armor/defense value and then if looking at something comparible, to then compare any additional stats (strength, endurance, +%chance to block).

There are 3 main kinds of shields that I can think of:
- Buckler
- Kite
- Tower

If I was designing a mechanic to go with shields, i would make:

- lower defence value (meaning more damage taken when not blocked), but a greater chance to block against everything but a 2-h weapon
- very good maneuvrability, as if no shield is equipped
- possibly even small bucklers that attach by the elbow meaning the warrior can use a 2h weapon
- low chance to block ranged missles

- medium defence value, ok chance to block against 1-h and 2-h
- average maneuvrability, a little bit slower than average running speed
- good chance to block ranged missles

- highest defence value, greatest chance to block both 1-h and 2-h weapons
- lowest maneuvrability; no sprinting while equipped; walking speed only; restrictions to certain agility
-related abilities
- greatest chance to block ranged missles

With that kind of though put into shields, it would cause me to think about the battle ahead and keep more shields in my armory, depending on the situation.

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