One more try

I go to buy my new car tomorrow in about 15ish hours.. wish me well; I hope the haggling is a quick, easy and smooth process. Sorry about the non-gaming stuff.. its all I can think about nearly every waking hour..


I don't know how viable it would be, but i'd like to see greater cooperation required in regards to crafting. I want to be able to combine my skills in the same or related crafting profession with another player, AT THE SAME TIME, to be able to create something. All mmos these days, have it that we don't need the other person other than for the crafting resource. I remember in Allod's Online, they had a small crafting game which resulted in a wide variety of items being created. I wish they would do that in an mmo where both players could participate together in a way that simultaneous interaction is needed to craft something.

Maybe i get this idea from playing the facebook game Cityville. I normally detest facebook games and feel sorry for my mouse when my gf plays them on my pc due to the sheer volume of constant clicking; but the way they designed it, to be successful in the game, you need help from other players. You can still be effective to a certain degree, but not as much as one who has alot of help.

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