Oh crap <--before I got hit

Hey Readers..

There will be a significant drop in entries the next week or so; my car got T-Boned by a careless driver who ran her red while I was making a left turn on Friday. My car is probably a write-off which has resulted in massive car research and needing to divert my attention elsewhere. Gaming couldn't even relieve the amount of stress i'm going through.

Hope all is well, Happy Holidays, I hope to be back soon!



  1. Sorry to here that...Glad you are safe.

  2. Oh no.... :(

    *hugs* Take care, man. :)

  3. Jeez dude, I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing OK, and by the sound of this post, it seems like you might be.

    Take good care of yourself and get back soon!