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Result: I bought a Kia Forte Koup 2010 from Kia Markham

It should look roughly like this; it'll be red, with tinted windows and Xeon lights. Kia Markham did a great job and fought hard (and fairly)for my business.

Note: Do not go to Kia Oakville; worst sales manager there EVAR. They have some reps there that 'seem' nice, but the one we got was horrible.

My last post on cars will be pics of the actual car.. I promise; then only gaming ;)

Taken from

Wouldn't it be cool if the next town was north west of the northern pass of that map, the road path (leading East) is much safer but a longer route, while going through the wilderness will have more dangerous mobs but is much shorter. Choices.


I want this Tron limited edition 360 controller.

Looks sick.


I've been playing alot of Left 4 Dead 2 on pc; i found out that by lowering the graphic's settings it allowed my pc to run and couldn't tell the difference. Great game; love fast scary zombies.

Downloaded Magic: The Gathering from Steam.. and every time I log into it, 2 minutes into the game, it'll cause my monitor to go black and tell me that no data is flowing.. but i can clearly hear the game music in the background. BLAH. Glad I only paid 2.50$ for it.. but its sad.

Big Steam sale right now; buyer beware; its a good platform.. but it has its problems.. :P

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