Game Design

When you encounter a cliff where falling, normally means instant death, game designers allow one of 2 things:
- to fall to your death
- put in an invisible wall
What you never really see is the ability to somehow survive the fall (maybe falling into water doesn't hurt; or featherfall spell).. but have nothing of particular use down there, and give an arduous and painful walk alllllll the way back up (hence punishing the player). We're a curious creature.. and given the chance, most of us would plummet into the unknown with the knowledge that the penalty isn't too great.

What reduces the penalty if there is nothing of value and being able to survive a huge fall is recall stones.. just think though if we didn't have that convenience..


Guild Wars 1 expansion: Eye of the North
Is on sale on Steam.. if you wanted it
I can't bring myself to play Guild Wars 1...soooooooo I won't get it.

Unless someone can convince me its worth 20$

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  1. I like the strategy of punishing the player for going over the edge. It maintains a level of realism that does not require re-spawning. To me, good game design is about balancing realism with playability.