If Blizzard makes a new MMO..

Actually, it doesn't need to be Blizzard, but I don't know of any new mmo's being announced with limited information on what is the basic premise. Lets hope their new Titan game is similar to Freelancer:

- spacefaring game; with your avatar being an upgradeable ship
- a sandbox game with a great storyline- a huge gaming universe, with protected jumpgates and hidden worm holes
- mining for resources, and trading resources (buying low, selling high, with fluctuating prices) would be main non-battle related sources of income
- debris, asteroid fields, radioactive areas

Take a look; find a place to buy it; it should be rather cheap now. It played great and had an immersive storyline, but the quests were rather grindey and repetitive (granted there is technically less to do in space than one could do with an avatar on land).

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  1. Dude, I loved that game, I played it through to the finish like 5 times. It still remains as one of my most favorite games of all time!