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More ideas for future mmo's and choice. I think there should be a choice of quests you'd like to undertake, and not controlled by not accepting it from the quest-giver.

A way in which this could be implemented, would be a quest-giver gives you the option to hunt wild animals to:

Get supplies for a wedding
Helping the war effort

The player gets to choose what quest route/quest they'd like to undertake, and possibly (to facilitate the belief that the parts of the animal doesn't cross over into the other quest) a tool (ie quest item)is given to the player to loot appropriately. Rewards should be randomized and not displayed to the player until completion, unlike most quests these days which show the player the reward before the quest is accepted. If rewards aren't randomized, choice is taken away from the player, who will more likely take the quest with the better reward or if similar, the one that requires less effort.

This system can easily branch and form more decisions which can provide greater varieties of rewards/loot.

Choice is good.

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  1. Agreed. How about we expand on that a little? In addition to picking which quest you are providing items for, also give different rewards for the quantity of items you bring in...