Chicken Kicker

lol; i love kicking chickens in Fable 2... especially into rivers.. :D

Sex? uh.. no thanks..
Fable 2

type: action rpg
- action b/c alot of fighting
- rpg elements of lvling your character via skills (WHICH changes your character look; VERY cool *AHEM whammer*.. ie. magic users will have magicky blue veins on your skin, melee users will become more muscular, black orcs will become bigger.. oh yea... we're talking about fable2.. :P)

what i like about the game
- (how i wrote before)about if you forgot what you're doing, the load files have a small pic of your quest and what you're currently doing
- the logbook, which tracks all your stats (tome of knowledge)
- graphics; color richness of each spell, experience orbs are like skittles!

what i dislike
- trolls; glad there were very few fights with them.. sure they're immobile, but they have a heat-seeking aoe, that unless you dodge at the last moment, will always hit; not to mention without the time control spell, if their weak points are on their back, its near impossible to attack them.. :S
- searching for gargoyles (shooting groups of 10 gave a special reward) was a pain.. as first person view was clunky
- felt like I was stuck to the paths and couldn't 'really' walk where i wanted to.. (oh well, just nitpicking; the game is great lol)

best feature:
rent/profit gained while the game if off! If you own stores/stalls or property, you will get rent every 5 minutes.. EVEN if the game is turned off (if there is a weapon you want but can't afford, don't play for a few days, and presto you have money to buy it).. great great great.. near end game, depending on how you play.. you maybe be getting 5k every 5 minutes.. I was getting that, and owned... less than 20% of the ownable property.. its hard at the beginning to buy big property, but later on, you can go crazy and buy a whole strip of properties (not to mention i actually charged 25% less rent; and could have charged up to 100% more than normal)

did i miss something?
i'm an evil btard.. and there is the temple of shadows which allows me to sacrifice anyone stupid enuf to follow me, includes Monks from the Temple of Light.. i tried to sacrifice children... and unlike their parents.. they didn't follow me to the sacrifice chambers.... heh Lord of the Flies.. towns just filled with kids..

what i want to see in the future:
more doggies; lol; the dog in the game, finds you treasures, shows you where dig spots are (for more treasures; sometimes they are dog treats.. go figure), finishes off baddies that fall to the ground, alerts you when baddies are closeby and makes your trek less lonely overall
haha; i want a dog in whammer to find me tome unlocks! :D

Oh and it changes appearance depending on your alignment..

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