LoTD Unlock

Yes yes.. well a few more before I forget them all..
This one was when I got into the LoTD.. jumped into a hole.. b/c you know.. curious ;)
Came across a skeleton that was interactable and thought, "hey the worst thing is it could spawn a super hard enemy, I die and I go somewhere else." So I clicked on it; it DID spawn a tomb spawn which I easily dispatched and now i'm eligible for a trophy.. pretty good :) No pic of the trophy on my character because....

..I was too busy trying to get this picture (scarab constucts; like little pickup trucks lol) and while dead...

..Order captured Thunder Mountain and was granted access to LoTD and I was transported back to IC (tho that would actually make it easier for me to get the trophy..). Just bored at that time i suppose..

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