Land of the Dead..

While logging into my squig herder the other day and sending all the nice gear he had accumulated (expect to see 9 high lvl capes on AH soon; lol) to my friend who still plays, I had the opportunity to enter the Land of the Dead.

For those living under a rock, you get your stats boosted to I believe 36.. .. too bad the weakest baddies IS 36.. so its a few hits and you're dead (my squiggie was lvl 26).

I manage to squeeze off a few breathtaking screenshots, and ill be the first to admit, verrrry impressed (at the graphics atleast). There is a blowing cyclone in the desert.. which I tried to run into ;)

Surprisingly this courtyard was very sparsely sprinkled with baddies, I expected ALOT more.

And then quiet like the Mega Raptors/Trex's from WoW, you have this gigantic skeleton walking around.. lvl 40 (or something) LORD.. just waiting to stomp on you ;)

But looking around.. the area isn't actually 'that' big.. and all it seems to have is pq's... thats it.. so once you do the pq's a couple hundred times... you're done.. and i guess you'd go back to the same ol'T4 grindfest.

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