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You have to be f!cking kidding me! I just finished an entry and the damn site didn't save my blog content... Fracking bullshit. Blogger sucks Sh!t.

Seriously; i'm going to stop this nonsense and just create a new acct on xanga if this happens anymore.

Soooo.... visit Stunty Stomper's site as:

-it updates frequently
- has nice pics (keeps my attention)
- has actual gameplay news/info instead of their own going ons (which isn't bad, but isn't as interesting a read: entertain me!)

The other day, i sent to my friend who is still playing (as i've stopped unfortunately[left for dead and castle crashers is occupying my time]) all my launch sorc's wealth 800+g, 10 black dyes, 160+ cultivated items ranging from potion multipliers, duration increasers, high lvl plants and high lvl stabilizers.. the new bag system DID actually help and its sad that i'm not playing anymore, but that looks to be very helpful and actually frees up alot more bag space :)

Unfortunately i can't say the same for the trade skill apothecary; I attempted to make some of my billion dye pigments (from special moments in cultivation) into actual dyes for her, but the new system (unless it's glitched), requires you to constantly add the main ingredient.. there is no more 'retry/rebrew'.. sucky. Time sink.. I hope to see for WAR in the future a different/improved crafting system, but in apothecary in particular, a more intuitive system, and more dye pigment options as the same old is boring.

I totally look forward to my next mmo addiction; my brother is looking forward to Champions Online... i don't think ill be convinced as never was into the super hero mmo; BUT i want to get the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game for the 360 when it comes out (hopefully this fall?)... totally played that game's brains out (gooo spiderwoman and your cheap beam attack!)

My friend Patty is looking forward to the new Star Wars mmo.. i must admit the teaser trailer looks siiiiick.. but besides KoToR.. i'm not the hugest fan of futuristic games.. its funny that Gears of War.. is set in the future but they don't have energy weapons.. all bullet based. What i loved about Mass Effect was (obviously far far FAR in the future), but there was unlimited ammo; just need to manage heat, which i think is way better.

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