Cloned Rifts

I would like in future iterations of Rift (aka patches) to have different looks to both the rift itself and the monsters that come out of it.

For example, the
re is a rift in Scarwood which you can tell right off the bat that it is badass. Big rocks being suspended in the air, huge monsters flying about. And when you actually select the monsters, they are that scary devil horns icon meaning you better run far far away. Or take pictures:

It is my opinion that rifts should look different and evolve as you gain experience as an Ascended.
Stop giving me the standard look of monsters; the same kind you grind in quest areas. Last night while questing with my girlfriend, I blindly tackled a group of life rift invaders. Only, they didn't die very quickly. I was specced to be my aoe tank (and thus dismissed that thought), so when i saw another group of life invaders, I didn't make an effort to move out of the way and just aggroed them as well. Only then did I realize that I just tackled elites. Ever hear of elite mini spiders? Me neither. And thus I died.

How many times have I ran into an elite monster thinking it was just a standard rift monster? Too many times.
Shouldn't they sparkle or have some kind of appearance change?
For players of Heroes of Might and Magic, you could upgrade your creatures. Granted they nearly looked identical to the un-upgraded form, they were atleast different colors.

Once you've closed one kind of rift, you've closed them all. Every death, life, water, fire, etc rift look the same. Some have water rifts have a conch or water flora, while the death rifts have those spikes coming out at random and i can accept it b/c there are so many rifts that spawn. BUT. There should be differences in appearances between standard and elite rifts as well as a Freemarch (lvl 1-15+)rift and (say) Droughtlands (35+) rifts. Maybe we're taking it for granted (already) but I feel like these rifts are like the monster generators from Gauntlet.

Pitiful monsters stream out of the generator until they're destroyed. I do feel that the game can tell how many people are participating in rifting as the monsters do seem to be a bit stronger/more spawn. But I don't think it can tell when people leave the area, nor does it get strong enough to repel a zerg (say a raid that defeated the invasion boss). Maybe that is the point, that as a zerg, you can destroy everything and it isn't challenging. Its times like that I wish I was in a pvp server and there were tiers a la WAR which would make all lvl 50 Guardians in Scarwood turn into chickens in which I could one-shot :P

But I digress: Trion, when you have time, to increase immersion, change the looks of rifts and rift creatures.

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