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After reading an article by Hunter, I'd like to throw out my option on a different mail system.

A system built into your character inventory UI or a separate window that doesn't require the user to be at a mailbox. It would granted unlimited access to both the mail system AND the auction house. Mail would not expire, but would require you to select either to keep the mail, delete the mail, or send back the mail.

I disagree on the need to have mailboxes and auction houses to have social hubs; i've used the mailbox and auction house system more in Rift than I have in any other mmo combined (literally), and i've never found it to be a very social experience. Most people silently open their mail, send out what the need, sell or buy from the auction house and thats it. With zonewide, lvl-wide and worldwide chat (among others), there is little social interaction at these hubs. If anything, it is a bit of an annoyance of having to go to a mailbox or auction house to get what you need; it may break immersion a bit, but alot of people aren't fully reading the story or soaking in the views of the mmo anyways. Convenience and shiney's is what most people are seeking. It is the same thing at the crafting stations in the capital cities; its not social at all. People are silently crafting and lvling their skill; there is the odd poke when you spot a guild member that hasn't noticed you crafting right next to them. When they're done, they just log out or do something else; but they're not doing anything while they craft, and if they're socializing, it must be via guild chat channels b/c I don't see anything on the normal channels.
How, would you make an mmo a more social experience? I think that is what these Live Events are for; to get people working together in the same goal, talking about how to tackle it and just in general. Rifts, i suppose, was supposed to foster this, but there is little social aspects to it as people usually just mark on the map where to head to for the next rift. I find there is actually more social aspects when participating in pvp than there is in rifting. People are usually barking out orders, trying to devise a counter-strategy or complaining during pvp.

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