Its just like everything else..

And just like that, *click* i'm not having too much fun with Rift.
Maybe its just the mood i'm in, or the lowered guild attendance, but I just don't seem to enjoy it as much as I normally do.
I spent one night trying to get the "Dances with Squirrels" title for my Dominator specc, only to die constantly and waste a good hour in lowbie areas (still couldn't find the squirrels either).
The past two nights i've been losing every single warfront. Granted they're all pugs, but when its your own teammates *cough Mclovin@Sunrest cough* that is the most annoying part, there is a problem.
Lack of healers.. whiney turtlers.. and complainey rogues... just makes for a not fun night.

le sigh

Having enough healers is one of the most important things imho to winning pvp.
I picked Defiant on Faeblight so that I could (1) join my fellow bloggers in a guild and (2) because Defiants seemed to be alot cooler than the zealot Guardians.
What I failed to realize, just like Warhammer Online, in my opinion, the 'good' side tends to have more people inclined to heal rather than dps. In most matches, there is only 1 or 2 clerics, and most rogues don't use bard. Remember, a dead dps does zero dps.

My brother's interesting take: It doesn't matter how good you are, what matters is how bad your worst players are.
My brother and his friends play Modern Warfare 2 online and slaughters his competition. He normally has a 5:1 kill ratio and in the original Modern Warfare, he got 2 nuclear bombs (like a 25 kill steak NON sniper) in consecutive matches. He says, that even though him and his friends are killing machines, they occasionally lose b/c their teammates die so much and drag the team down.
Observing what is happening in these warfronts, I do agree, these people that complain in the warfront does a double whammy: 1) they aren't playing, so thats like being short one player and 2) their negativity can/will affect other players on the SAME team.

I'm taking a break for a short while.


  1. And what's more, usually the ones that whine in PVP and spread their negativity are the worst players, that are basically complaining because they die so much and yet they think they are "pro", when they are completely the opposite.

    By the way you have a great blog here, enjoy reading your articles, so I was wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange with my website. Let me know if you are interested!



  2. i too was surprised about the guild attendance when i logged on last night- hence why all the jibber jabbering:P but...life happens, they may not have all just up and left.
    due to the lack of clerics/healers....if dps DOESN'T defend the cleric...a dead cleric= no heal.
    i actually don't mind losing warfront matches. i DO start getting angry when i'm singled out for some reason OR if i'm carrying the fang and NO ONE defends me.

  3. This is why I've stayed away from warfronts...it's just depressing when things like healing are outside your control.

    I was away from Rift this weekend (it was a pretty busy couple of days) but I'll be on more this week, if you still wanted to try for the squirrels I'd be more than happy to assist you! I have an alt that needs it, and she's now in the Stonefield zone :)

  4. @Cathy: yeah; leave the link in the comments :)

    @mmogamerchick: sweet; i'd love to get that title; ill post the 'how to' later :D

  5. I am planning to try PvP once I cap out in rift. Had a good run with it in WoW after I capped in Cataclysm on a Mage. Maxed out the gear you can get from BGs.

    The thing that slightly rocks about Rift is that my DPS/ pet specced Elementalist will be able to swap into a healing focused Chloromancer/ Archon spec on the fly if I bop into a random battle ground and it looks like we need it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how that plays out. I should be up there with u guys by the end of the month :-)