MTG Recommendation - MTGMINTCARD

I must say, off topic of rift and video gaming; I had a good experience with mtgmintcard.com. Ordered a set of Magic: The Gathering cards from the website; selected registered mail for 2$ more and got my package in 4 business days. This was great as they predicted 1-2 weeks for within the US, while 4-6 weeks if outside of the US. I guess that Canada is considered within the US; thankful for that.

This will spell your doom. DOOOOOOOOM!

i'll be checking my credit card statement for any irregularities(online purchase paranoia), but other than that, I would recommend the site if you're interested in purchasing from them.
My gf used Troll and Toad company and it took over 3 weeks to receive her mail, when it was registered mail. What was worse was this site/company was based in Wisconsin which is a muuuuch shorter distance than the mtgmintcard.com that is coming from China. I guess it takes time to ship the package from Wisconsin to Kentucky, back to Wisconsin and THEN to Toronto :P

+1 for Chinese efficiency!

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