Better Results 3-1

Tonight was a better night for MTG; I had brought the proper decks for the formats that I expected to play. This resulted in a 3-1 record.. the 1 loss probably b/c I was getting tired and reckless.

What happens when you play two-headed giant format, your opponents have limited flying creatures, ones without reach, your team plays with the majority of flyers and you play this card?
You win.

It sucks when you're not playing a mono-color deck and you can't draw the second land-type. Its why I do alot of play-testing, even if that means Magic solitaire. But sometimes even when you have a proper balance of lands, you still get that really crap hand. If playing and finding that happening to me alot has taught me anything, it is that if that is the case, always make sure your initial hand has the two+ lands you need.

When you know what your opponents like to play, and you play then, the meta game.. it makes it easier for you to succeed, but you still have to use your head and not be reckless. I found that in not being reckless and thought out my move more, was the key to possibly tonight's success. I knew that I may end up playing in a Free-for-All game with 4 players and didn't want to be attacked. Hence

What about flyers you ask? Well you could have an equipment that grants flying/reach... or..
In your graveyard... by waiting for 8 cards and discarding it.. I surprised myself when I did it.
I was able to turtle.. not draw anyone's attention or wrath for almost 15+ turns... until my Ginger nemesis who had the most amazing FFA deck (R/B) deck used the one thing I couldn't stop..
Not to mention the Innistrad vampire that can deal damage and heal it's controller whenever another creature dies.. I tip my hat to you.

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