Wakfu: The Love-but-mostly-hate Relationship

Biggest issues with Wakfu at the moment:

Lack of inventory space
- there are once again NO npc vendors you can sell your trash to, so you have to do absolutely no crafting, or find a way to get more BIG bags

Crafting is unfeasible
- trying to get a screenshot, but it takes an insane amount of materials to craft anything

Items are not bind on equip
- in a way, that is a great thing, but at the same time its horrible for the economy; when you're done with the gear, you just sell it, and there are 500 other people in line selling the exact same thing

Selling is very cumbersome
- you have a bag which you can enter and acts like in-game housing and a portable shop for other players. Problem is, you have to be logged out for it to exist, and only one character (out of your 5) can have it on the ground. So you can't even have alts selling while your main does all the gathering/acquisition.

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